Inspire your Educators, Students, or organization with a world-class speaker,  Tre's mission is to make it easier for you to do what you love by using your strengths, assets and resources you already have. 

EDC World Championship 

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I’m Tre’ an International speaking champion, former Dean of Students, and specialist in developing Communication, and Emotional intelligence in students and Adults.

Throughout my career in Education and as a Consultant, I’ve chosen to focus on the person first! Developing the critical talents, tools, resources, ideas, and opportunities that already exist within you. As well as the critical EQ skills you need for success personally and professionally. 

Immediately out of College I wanted to be the next Les Brown, traveling the world speaking, and it almost worked too! In 2016 I worked my way to Toastmasters 2016 World Championship of Public speaking, finishing in the Top 100 of 30,000 before I realized that motivating and inspiring people has to be about more than me!

Over the years delivering over 150 engagements, across North America, and collaborated with 20 school communities to deliver asset-focused assessments to develop emotional intelligence and communication.

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speaking topics & keynotes

Every Decision Counts 

Audience | Middle School - Young Adult
Purpose | Responsible Decision making, Core Values,
Success principles
Time & Type | 45 - 60 Minute Keynote

In this keynote, we'll explore my journey as a D1 Football Athlete led to a critical mistake and redemption that changed the direction of my life. 

During this keynote, the audience will be inspired to

- Think critically about their legacy 
- Learn 8 success principles  
- Develop a positive psychology 

Every Decision Counts is a keynote as well as a Workbook for Middle & High School Students. 

Enjoy this 7 Minute message from 2016's World Championship of public speaking. And then check out Every Decision Counts: 8 Lessons I wish they taught me in school 

8 Lessons I Wish They Taught Me in School

Discover Your Potential 

Audience | Teen - Young Adults, Educators, Professionals
Purpose | Self Awareness, Self management, Social management, Goal setting 
Time & Type | 45 - 60 Minute Keynote

Knowledge is only potential until it's applied. Too often our potential is never applied. Life is comprised of the big and small decisions you make daily. 
In this keynote, the audience will be inspired to 

- Take action on your dreams 
- Learn to recognize personal assets and strengths 
- Develop a vision for 90-day goal setting  

Download the DYP Goal setting  Workbook 

The Dreamer Will Succeed 

Audience | Teen - Young Adults
Purpose | Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness 
Time & Type | 45 - 60 Minute Keynote

The Dreamer will succeed! A keynote inspired by Napolean Hills Think and Grow Rich and Dennis Kimbro's Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice. We explore what it takes for your dream to succeed.

- Imagination

- Belief & Desire
- Positive Mental Attitude
- Fail = First Attempt In Learning
- If You Change your thoughts, you’ll change your life




Richard Puffer Executive Director Byerly Foundation 

"Tre is a bit unusual, instead of searching for his own greatness he's found ways to impact others and help them discover their own potential"

Rondelle, Educator & Administrator 

"Tre' has a true heart for youth and this generation, he has made it his mission to see educators and students grow and offer rational feedback in a critical situation"


Wow! You have great information on how to bring your students to feel stronger about themselves and become positive student and adults! 

Educator Keynote feedback 

Entertaining, Informative, and timely, I was surprised at how meaningful this information was. It really resounded with me. 

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